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Welcome challenging 2018!

What a journey 2017 has been full of excitement, travelling and joy. We are ready for the challenge 2018!

challenge 2018

Looking ahead: the challenge 2018

This year we would like to make things different and connect better with our visitors and followers. To that end, we will challenge ourselves and make time to issue a monthly newsletter starting this month.

In our first issue, you will receive an overview of all events we will take part in, a summary of new projects with new collaborators, courses and workshops we have registered so far and last but certainly not least, you will know where we can meet up during the yearly no to miss trade fairs of 2018: IMATS, UMAE and MADS.

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In addition, we are preparing to expand our services. While we work on a business plan and seak investors, we can give you some hints: gifts ahoy! wrap the teddy bear! Hopefully in the second quarter of the year will be able to reveal the big news for you.

Furthermore, we would like to announce that we have new partners in crime. This year more collaborations will take place. I have met a selected group of creatives having our own vision. Stay tuned!

Lastly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for following us during more than 9 years. We are always up for new adventures and your feedback, advise, humor and good will are appreaciated.

Would you also like to help us spreading the word about these big news? Kindly refer our services and this post to your relatives, friends and acquaintances via email, text messages or share it in your social media profile. Who knows a nice giveaway may arrive at your doorstep with our signature…

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